Open call:

PARASItic architecture 

Urban Festival UIT announces an open call for installations themed “Parasitic Architecture”. The open call is mostly aimed at city-loving art and architecture students, but everyone interested in experimenting with installation in public space is welcome to participate!

The central theme for this year’s festival is “Parasitic Architecture”. The project will host 7 artists and collectives from Estonia and abroad. In addition, there will be 2 installations selected through the open call. 


We invite you to interpret the concept of parasitic architecture and create installative urban parasites that use already existing structures as their base. In architecture, parasitism has its origins in grassroots projects, where residents have added features to the city that they think are missing, using existing structures creatively and adding elements of their own design. 


What do you feel is lacking in Tartu, or on the contrary, is there an excess of some resources? We’re looking for inventive ways for addressing problems and adding functions to our environment. The parasitic objects created in the city do not have to be large in size, but they have to have a clear function for the inhabitants (may they be two- or four-legged) and be as interactive as possible. 


The project will be realised as a temporary installation in public space. The approach to the installation is open to interpretation and can be cross-disciplinary, the installation will be exhibited during the festival week (18.-21.08.2021). Festival encourages to consider using recycled materials so that the works are as sustainable as possible.

The project should be:

- interactive

- inventive

- functional

- fitting with its environment 

- realised by the author(s)

- with a realistic budget

The open call is mainly addressed to students of architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, installation, and sculpture, but all others interested in public space are more than welcome to participate.

If you are interested in participating, send your idea and portfolio to kadri@uit.ee before the 24th of May. The festival offers a fee for the participants (1000€) and covers production costs (up to 1000€) in addition to compensating transportation and accommodation. UIT will select two ideas to be realised during the festival. The project is supported by the Estonian Ministry of Culture.


The application should include:

- description of the idea

- (draft of) the budget

- description of the technical realisation

- possible location(s) of the installation

- contact and portfolio/CV of the author(s)

DEADLINE: 24th of May 2021



Urban Festival UIT is a site-specific interdisciplinary art festival located in Tartu, Estonia. The seventh edition of UIT is taking place from the 18th until the 21st of August 2021. Throughout the years UIT has been interested in how people perceive cities and interact with their surroundings. The festival encourages people to use and enjoy public spaces and to contemplate how we can all contribute into creating more cosy and diverse cities. The festival programme includes pieces that are either composed for or derived from the urban space of Tartu: performances, concerts, urban tours and games, including activities for children. 


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