installation programme

This year Urban Festival UIT is turning its focus on parasitic architecture. We’ve asked both local and foreign artists to view the city from a parasite’s perspective and encouraged them to find new ways of life either the deficit or excess of space. Urban parasites have found their master organisms in narrow spaces between buildings, in abandoned factories, overgrown ponds and forgotten cinemas. Installations are scattered all over Tartu, go and find them!

photo: Gadea Burgaz

Eva Mustonen (1986) has lately been enchanted by a DIY aesthetic and vintage items which have inspired her grand room filling installations at different exhibitions. Mustonen is inspired by personal stories which she translates into the language of objects, handicraft and short stories. Recurring themes are home and handicraft (and their meaning), the experience of being a woman and the behind the scenes of making art. 


Mustonen has participated in exhibitions both in Estonia and abroad. In 2014 she was awarded the prize for the young textile artist of the year and in 2017 she won the Wiiralt stipend. She is currently living and working in Tallinn.